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The Wildwood Pub

Completed March 2023 E H Humphries worked alongside their Sister company Tudorworth Properties Ltd to deliver a bright and bold transformation on the Sizzling Pub, the Wildwood in Staffordshire.

The refurbishment project aimed to enhance the overall ambiance of the pub while ensuring the safety and efficiency of its electrical systems.

One of the main objectives of the refurbishment was to update the lighting throughout the pub. The old, outdated lighting fixtures were replaced with energy-efficient LED lights, providing a brighter and more inviting atmosphere. The new lighting design also allows for better control of the ambiance, with dimmable options to create different moods for various occasions.

In addition to the lighting, the electrical refurbishment included the installation of new power outlets and switches. This ensures that the pub can accommodate the increasing demand for charging electronic devices and provides convenience for both staff and customers. The placement of these outlets was carefully planned to maximize accessibility and minimize any potential hazards.

Simon Cook the Tudorworth Properties Contracts manager on the sizzling pub projects was extremely pleased with how this project progressed and all the positive feedback received at handover to the client.

The Wildwood Pub in Stafford takes pride in providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for its patrons. The electrical refurbishment has played a significant role in achieving this goal. With the updated lighting, improved power outlets, upgraded wiring, the pub now offers a safer and more modern environment for everyone to enjoy.

Returning to the Wildwood three months after completion, the pub refurbishment seem to be a big hit with customers and staff who are all very pleased with the new bright modern look.

Overall, the electrical refurbishment of the Wildwood Pub in Stafford has been a great success.


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